This page is not related to Microsoft.

This page is an example of a page that could lure users into thinking it was run by software maker Microsoft. It has, however, no connection with Microsoft or their domain name

Since December 2009, it has been possible to register .eu domains containing special characters such as ø, å, ü, ä, and the like. Domains containing special characters are called IDN domains. On this page, the accented ì was used to create a visual resemblence to Upon a second look, of course, many will realize it is not the correct domain name.

Should I worry?

Suppose an evil-minded person placed a log-in page on this domain. Innocent users might think it was a real log-in page for some Microsoft web service, and subsequently log in. That would reveal the username and password to the attacker.

Always take great care when following links from outside sources. It is better always to type the domain name yourself, rather than relying on third-party links (such as ones found in emails sent to you, or on other web pages).